Multipass V2.2
Multipass is the simple and friendliness
manager of all your passwords.
You can generate random passwords (don't be affraid now to make them hard and efficient
), organize, print, keep a historic of all your modifications, and more...
Multipass will be quickly essential for all your identifications on the web.

F r e e w a r e
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Multipass : Main Window

Main window

This window show all your passwords.

Click twice on a password open the "Drag & Drop" window.

Multipass : Password update

Password update

Here you can modify a password and generate a new random password.

If you want, set an expiration delay that will regulary remember you to modify a password for more security !

Multipass : Drag and Drop

Drag & Drop

This window will simplify your numerous identifications on the web or in all other softwares.

Without any effort, you drag and drop your logins and passwords directly in your navigator. Confirm. It's done !

Multipass : Historic and backup

Historic & backup

Historic save all your modifications. Don't be affraid to make a fatal error.

Automatic backup keep in a safe place the data files.

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